2012 Monthly Newsletters Archive

FitnessWorks is a comfortable women’s only facility that caters to all ages and fitness levels.

March-2012 – It focuses on Why kidneys are so important, Double-Duty Exercise Opportunities, and Boosting the immune system.

April-2012 – World Health Day: Ageing and Health

May-2012 – Find out 10 Tips to Healthy Feet, see how 7 Health Mysteries are solved and much more!

June-2012 – Summer Safety and Stroke Awareness

July-2012 – Juicing Benefits – Olive Oil Goodness

August-2012 – Should you buy organic?

September-2012 – Burn 100 calories in 10 minutes!

October-2012 – Fall Fitness, 5 foods to buy in October

November-2012 – Beating the Winter Blues

December-2012 – Healthy Living During the Holidays