2014 Monthly Newsletters Archive

FitnessWorks is a comfortable women’s only facility that caters to all ages and fitness levels.

December 2014 – Winter Running Tips, Winter Health Tips, Winter Spices.

November 2014 – National Senior Safety Week is November 6th – 12th; Learn how to prevent falls with 5 easy steps and many other helpful tips! Is winter causing your skin to dry out? Try these 6 Natural Remedies for dry winter skin.

September 2014 – Learn about 10 Fall Fruits & Vegetables that will help BOOST your Immunity and about Foods that will LOWER your Cholesterol!

August 2014 – Stressed? Take time for a detoxifying bath! Learn how in this month’s newsletter. Tired of the same thing for dinner? Try the Baja Fish Tacos! They are delicious!

July 2014 – Eat a Rainbow for Health? Learn how today! Find new ways to Mix Up your Running Routine! Try “Legs Up the Wall” a fun & relaxing way to take 5 (or 30!) 😉

June 2014 – Learn how to make a delicious smelling sugar scrub for beautiful skin. Get better sleep NOW with 4 sleep-friendly scents!

May 2014 – Check out exercise choices that are better for your joint and bone health. Learn what healing herbs & spices are in your kitchen right now!

April 2014 – It’s Spring! Time to Spring Clean your Diet & 25 Things you probably forget to clean!

March 2014 – Find ways to Power Up your Diet & discover 10 things you should do this March!

February 2014 – Find out about Women & Heart Disease and the BEST foods for your heart! Try the Gluten Free Red Velvet Beet Cake Recipe! YUM!

January 2014 – What’s secretly stressing you out? New Routine: 6 Full Body Stretches