2015 Monthly Newsletters Archive

FitnessWorks is a comfortable women’s only facility that caters to all ages and fitness levels.

October 2015 – Reasons to Love Pumpkins, Recipes, Healthy Plate, Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser Winners and Sponsor Thank-you.

September 2015 – Superfoods for Fall, Healthy Cooking and Cholesterol, Benefits of Acorn Squash.

August 2015 – Benefits and Techniques for Meditation, Health Benefits of Tea.

July 2015 – Hydration Guide, Postural Muscles strengthened by Walking, Benefits of Watermelon.

June 2015 – Sun Awareness, Natural Sunburn Remedies, Foods that Fight Pain.

May 2015 – Vision Health Month, Foods and Nutrients for Healthy Eyes.

April 2015 – Earth Day, Tips to get more Active, Upcoming races, Lacing Patterns for running shoes.

March 2015 – International Women’s Day, Helping Hands portion size, Guess the Serving Size Quiz and answers.

February 2015 – Heart Smart Eating, Lose those Love Handles, Benefits of Walking.

January 2015 – Stronger Oblique Muscles, Boost Immune System, Uses of Chia Seeds.