2017 Monthly Newsletters

FitnessWorks is a comfortable women’s only facility that caters to all ages and fitness levels.

January 2017 – Smart Goals, Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip cookies, Spicy Carrot soup.

February 2017 – Tips on Healthy eating, How to Intensify your workout, Chocolate Hazelnut bites, Judy’s February soup.

March 2017 – Benefits of Drinking Water, Curried Lentil and Vegetable soup, DIY Home Beauty Products.

April 2017 – Squat Variations, Vegan Chilli, Hot and Sour Chicken soup.

May 2017 – 4 Mental Strategies for Fitness success, Push-up variations, 8 Tips for Spring Fitness, May Soup – Whole grain Tortellini with tomato and basil.

August 2017 – 10 Hiking Trails ‘n Strolls, Get a Good Nights Sleep, Minimizing your risk – UV exposure, Top 10 sources of Veg proteins, Exercises for toned arms, Judy’s Leek and Cauliflower Vichyssoise.

September 2017 – PlankIT this Fall, September is Whole Grains month, Hungarian Mushroom soup, Honeydew Kiwi Smoothie, Honey and Oatmeal Facial scrub.

October 2017 – 15 minutes to Better Posture, Genius Tips for a Thanksgiving you won’t regret, Trainer’s Fit Tips, Judy’s Sweet Potato and Parsnip Soup, Check out some October Runs.

November 2017 – Lentil benefits, Judy’s Three Lentil Soup, Exercise and Fitness Quiz, Foot Massage to release and stretch tight hamstrings, November Fit tip, Coconut Oil for the Face and Skin, and Spiced Indian Tea recipe.

December 2017 – December Fit Tip, Warmup and Stretching, Spine Stretch for lower back pain, 7 Habits for a Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body, Natural skin moisturizers, Judy’s Eggnog Quickbread recipe