FAQS > General Fitness

I want to become more active, but I don’t know what I should do or how to get started?

The best thing you can do is sign up for a free trial.   There are no strings attached and one of our fitness coaches will introduce you to our programs and you can decide what works for you.

How often should I come to the gym to see results?

A good guideline is to start slow, 2-3 times a week, and build up to as many as 6-7 days a week depending on your individual fitness goals.  If you need some help setting realistic goals, speak with one of our coaches.

How long should I workout when I am at the gym?

You can get an effective workout in as little as 30 minutes using our circuit.  Plan to workout anywhere from 30-90 minutes depending on the kind of workout you chose and your health needs.

I have no motivation, how can I get motivated to workout?

Most of us need extra motivation from time to time.  Join one of our fun and social group classes or sign up for personal training with one of our motivating trainers.  Our coaches, instructors, and trainers will provide the encouragement, guidance, and motivation you need and help you reach your goals.

Am I too old to start getting more active?

You are never too old to take the steps towards a healthier lifestyle.  All of our programs can be modified to suit your fitness level, health indications, and comfort zone.

Am I too young to work out?

You are able to workout at our club starting at 14 years of age, with your parents’ permission.  You can also take advantage of our special high school membership rate and no contract option.

Does circuit training really work?

Yes! Using our hydraulic exercise equipment helps to build muscular strength and endurance.  Each machine is working multiple and opposing muscle groups to give you the best workout in the shortest possible time.  By utilizing the platforms between each station, you are also able to get a great cardiovascular workout.

Is personal training right for me?

Whether you are new to fitness or a seasoned athlete, you can benefit from personal training.  Working with one of our trainers will not only help you stay on track, but it will help you take your fitness to the next level.  Through education and motivation, your trainer will tailor a program specific for you and your fitness goals.

What should I wear when exercising at the club? 
Wear what you feel comfortable in. We suggest: comfortable, breathable fabrics such as cotton, or other fitness fabrics, and comfortable running or cross-training shoes with good support.  Running shoes need to be indoor use only.  They do not have to be new, but they do have to be clean, and free of dirt and debris.  They cannot be the same pair you walked in with. They must be changed into from your street shoes. 

You will want to bring a water bottle with you, but should you forget, we do provide bottled water for $1.00. We also provide face towels, should you need one during your workout. We do not, however, provide towel service for showers, so if you wish to shower at the gym please bring your own bath towel.

If you wish to make use of the personal televisions on the cardio machines, bring a set of headphones that can be plugged into the machine