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I am pregnant, is it safe for me to exercise?

Yes.  However, before you begin your exercise program at FWFW, your doctor will need to complete a PAR MED X for Pregnancy.  This tells that you are healthy and ready for exercise and outlines any limitation that you might have so our coaches are better able to assist you.  For the most part, as long as you were active before your pregnancy and have no complications, you should be ready to get started.

Do you offer any pre/post natal special fitness classes?

All of our classes can be adapted to meet your pre natal needs.  Just let the instructor know at the start of classes.  From Monday to Friday, we offer a Mommy and Baby class between 2-3pm.   You baby must be secured in a car seat, similar carrier and yet not mobile.

As we are still building this page, please contact us with your special concern.