What Members Think

FitnessWorks is a comfortable women’s only facility that caters to all ages and fitness levels.

“I’ve been a member of Fitness Works for nearly a year now and just wanted to drop you a line and say how happy I am that I made that decision. Over the years I’ve belonged to a variety of health organizations, some intense, some fluffy, some worked, some didn’t. Fitness Works “works” for a variety of reasons. It’s a bit like a Club with the opportunity to meet the regulars, chat inconsequentially, or have in-depth discussions on everything from sports and politics, men and babies, to cooking and movies. It’s a bit like a Community Centre with opportunities to sit around the coffee table and drink coffee or eat apples or read the latest Metro News. And the glue that binds us all together – is the fitness, the music, the cardio, the weights, the machines, the yoga and all the other healthy options that give us a chance to lose weight and tone up, mentally and physically. On my own or participating in a group, it has taken me far longer than I anticipated, and it’s taken a real mind set, but I’m finally losing the weight and the inches. I have much more energy than I used to have and I probably drive everyone crazy with Abba, but it’s worth it. Judy doesn’t cheat with the tape measure and Shelagh takes no prisoners when it comes to the double-edged sword of the Energy Circuit. I’m not always in the mood but I’m totally committed now and if at first I felt a little new, I now feel like one of the oldies and have a whole new crowd of friends to wave at as I walk along Queen Street. So thanks for keeping Fitness Works working, for the apples (my treat at the end of a session), and the cheerful staff.”

Anne (Martin)

If I could describe my experience in one word, it would be “wonderful” I have been a member for several years. During that time I have gotten fit, lost weight and met some wonderful (there’s that word again) friends! Judy’s classes are the best!!! She has a way of keeping us motivated. I actually look forward to getting up in the morning and coming to class and plan my day around her classes. I don’t know what my life would be like without FitnessWorks for Women.

Julie C.

I like Fitness for Women because the staff is health wise, hardworking, and they actually CARE about their clients.

Sheila B.

I enjoy working out at “FitnessWorks For Women” for a couple of reasons….

First, it’s been just a little over 10 months since I joined and I physically feel 90% better than when I first started. I try and commit myself to coming in 3 times a week.

Second, it gives me more energy to do the things I enjoy like Sailing, Walking and working at the office yes, I like coming to work.

Third, I like to meet new people and “Fitness Works For Women” has given me that opportunity. There are times that I’m dragging my feet into the club BUT after my circuit class I’m ENERGIZED!!!!! See you tonight!


Why do I enjoy going to FitnessWorks? – I have been a member for about 2 1/2 years and have to admit I do not enjoy working out (well honestly who does?) but I go regularly because I can see and feel the improvements in my health and well being. If you are going to do something good for yourself, you may as well do it in an environment that is fun, non-cliquey and with staff who help you every inch of the way. Many times I have taken a problem or enquiry to my fellow members and usually come away with an answer just by passing the subject around while we work out! There are great auxiliary programs such as yoga, fitness classes, Tai Chi and many more. The club has one of the new style weight loss saunas for members’ enjoyment too. I am heading towards my 200th work out this month and am glad to have found such a great place to exercise and keep fit.


I appreciate being at FITNESS WORKS because the staff recognizes different needs in their clientele. Some like group activities; others want to be on their own.


The environment at Fitness Works for Women is accepting – so different from any fitness/gym club I have previously been involved with. The staff is incredibly helpful and motivating to its members and provides a place for women to work out at their own pace, with expectations set for each member as they are personally able to reach. It is as comfortable as working out at home, with the equipment, support and experience needed to keep me going!


FitnessWorks For Women works! It’s no hassle, go at your own pace, come whenever you want, and for less than 10 lattes per month, you get stronger, feel more energetic and meet great women. It’s the best deal in the Beach!


FitnessWorks for Women – WORKS

As a member for almost 3 years, I speak positively about the convenience, location, accommodating hours, positive staff and fellow members.

In pleasant, bright, temperature controlled set of rooms, one can work at one’s own pace or participate in a variety of classes offered.

A great workout place in the Beach for walk to convenience, flexibility and friendship!!!

Ila Vaculik

When I first wandered into Fitnessworks, my cholesterol levels were high. This is a family trait I guess I inherited from my Dad, I thought,”Well, it can’t hurt.” After several months of working out, and changing really nothing much else, I got my annual test result personally when my doctor called my house. She said, “Whatever you are doing keep it up. Your levels are almost back to normal, No need for drugs.

Today I had my 300th visit to “FitnessWorks.” I have lost 21 pounds by adding a change of diet to my exercise regime. I have never felt better. Most importantly of all, I love the people I have met through “fitnessWorks.” Both the employees and the members are supportive, interesting and a vital link to my feeling of belonging to a community. It has been a great investment.

Linda Snowden

I love FitnessWorks for Women!

I would not have joined if the owner, Ariella, had not been so welcoming and personally involved, the atmosphere so inviting, and the clientele so pleasant.

It has a very comfortable “clubby” vibe where the women seem to really enjoy being there, and with each other; we “cregulars” know each other by name, and I look forward to sharing time with them.

I have never felt better about myself, and as I am told, never looked better!

No looking back for me!

Cori Nault (Founding Member)

I have tried a few gyms in the past but none were quite as friendly or inspiring as FitnessWorks. It’s energetic and it’s fast and I’ve made it part of my day, just for me.


FitnessWorks for Women is an affordable and attainable fitness program that can really work. Compliance isn’t all that difficult and most times your workout is even a bit of fun!


I work out to stay fit and fabulous! My life and livelihood depend on it as a model. What I really like about working out at FITNESSWORKS are the spontaneous conversations with other women and the new friends I’ve made in my own community. I’m always learning something. We laugh a lot about life. We inspired one another through the 10 lb. weight loss challenge that Ariella developed, which all of us lost significant amounts of weight doing. Even as a Certified Nutritionist, I learned the smart and healthy way to lose weight and keep it off.

Open 7 days a week, with a south exposure overlooking trees, working out has never been easier or more pleasant and at times, downright hilarious! Hey, laughing burns calories and strengthens the immune system!

Oh, and the added bonus for me?? The Infrared sauna, one of the most effective methods for detoxifying the body and removing waste build-up, the cause of so much disease, is the pot of gold at the end of the Fitnessworks rainbow! Use it or lose.


I’m happy to tell you why I like working out at “FitnessWorks for Women”. Firstly, it’s very conveniently located for me. Important too is the atmosphere. The environment is positive and encouraging. People are friendly and the staff set a very nice tone, discreetly offering suggestions for the workout and always being willing to help. There is a generosity of spirit. It’s a welcoming place with a real sense of inclusiveness and community. The room itself is very bright and attractive and there is a sense that they are always trying to make the facility even better. The workout is more than adequate for me. I do the circuit exclusively at this point, finishing off with 20 minutes of stretching, and it is working very well for me. There is no mystery about what to do or how to do it. I like that. I have always worked out and this workout is as good as any other that I have engaged in. The proximity to my home makes this one even better. It fits well into my schedule. I use the facility on the average about 5 times a week because of the convenience. Consequently, I feel energized, my weight continues to be a healthy one, and I am fit enough to do the things that I enjoy. What more could anyone want from a program?

Margaret (Cross)

FITNESSWORKS for women is a great place to work out. The location is ideal, especially working in the area, I would just pop in and do “my thing” and I’d know after half an hour, I got a really great workout, without causing injury to my body. I really liked the hydraulic machines that put my muscles to the test and I can increase my reps for a harder workout.

FITNESSWORKS is staffed with CERTIFIED trainers and I know that if I’m not using a machine properly, she will safely correct my position and use. I miss my workout here (I’ve move out of the area), and finding it hard to replace this 21/2 year habit with something equally great.


I joined FitnessWorks for Women when they first opened. Now, I had experienced several gyms before joining this one and it is the one gym that I would rate above all the others. I am 58 years old and have a few medical problems one which is arthritis and I find this particular type of circuit workout is helping me develop some muscle strength which I have lost over the years.

My first impressions of the gym were very positive and I didn’t expect anything but a place to go and work out. I was wrong, because this is owned by a professional woman, Ariella, she has ensured that the staff she hires has the same feeling for the establishment as she has. It truly is one that is indeed geared to this wonderful caring community in which I live. To be able to have a gym of this calibre in our own area is indeed a plus.

I remember at the beginning of my membership being a regular with attending 4 straight days in a row each week and when I missed a couple of weeks, a staff member picked up the phone to enquire if I was okay. This does not happen at any gym, but FitnessWorks for Women is indeed special, they truly care about you their clients. The quality of the service is number one on their list. Besides your regular circuit the owner has incorporated so much more with the introductions of a choice of so many other sessions, be it Yoga, high and low intense workouts even to dancing lessons and weight loss counseling along with personal trainers. This truly is a gym for woman and they listen to what their patrons need and want for their daily workout. They even have the use of a far- infrared sauna, massage sessions and the list goes on.

The staff has your individual needs at hand and they are there to instruct and correct anything that will help you reach your maximum workout. I have found a gym beyond all the others I have tried and this one is just a short walk from my home.

Linda Taylor

This is the first fitness club that I have joined and actually managed to go to every other day since joining. Everyone is friendly, encouraging, and happy.

The staff is wonderful, they motivate us to keep going and the energy level in the club is awesome. I would not hesitate to recommend your club and any of your fitness programs.

Evelyn Lyons

What I love most about working out at “Fitness Works for Women”, is that for me it is the most painless way to stay in shape and tone my muscles.

I love the fact that you can be in and out in 45 minutes at the most, especially since I have a busy schedule. I can go workout and then continue on to do my shopping, banking etc. It gives me a structured time slot in my schedule just for me and a place to be committed to going to, People always say you can workout at home, but you don’t. You can go around the circuit at “FitnessWorks” exercising all parts of your body, on all the different pieces of equipment and you can stay as short or as long as you like.

I love it being a part of the wonderful “Beach community”, it being close to my home and chatting with other neighbours who are taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

It is absolutely, positively necessary for my overall, health and well-being. It’s amazing how if you put it into your schedule at least 3 times per week, you visibly see yourself becoming toned and you have a lot more stamina. The strength I have gained has even improved my golf game.

It always surprises me, how when I drag myself there, afterwards I feel so happy and energized. The more you do it, the more you feel you can’t do without it. The program becomes a part of you. I also know I am so much healthier and have a lot more energy when this exercise program is a part of my routine.

The staff members are so wonderful and accommodating, you can even drop by, have an apple, drink some fresh water, chat and come back another day to exercise!

Anne Campbell

I have been a member for 2 years – I notice improved toning, posture, more commitment to fitness and well being. The convenient location is another reason for my being able to stick to my program.

Lida Kotzer

P.S. Thanks for the Apples!

I joined Fitness Works in September 2005 with a co-worker who also lives in the Beaches. I enjoy the circuit workout, and find the other members to be friendly and welcoming. My teenage daughter was not getting exercise in her high school classes, and decided to join the Club. Now, I get to spend even more time with her while we workout together.


Although I attended the Open House for the gym in September, it took me about 6 months to finally join. But, I do remember that my first impression was the atmosphere of the place. Ariella was very welcoming, and willing to show us (my mother and I) around, and did the same when I joined Fitness Works. I really liked how the gym was decorated (especially the paint on the walls!), too. Although I am often the youngest person working out, I find the other members to be more than willing to welcome me. The staff always think of imaginative mat workouts in between the machines, and encourage me to think of and implement my own. I’m so glad that I joined, and always feel great afterwards


To all the wonderful ladies at FitnessWorks: Thank you so much for getting me on the path to fitness. You were all so supportive and understanding.  It looks like I will be moving out of the city this winter and so, I must end my association with FitnessWorks. I will take with me your lessons in health and vitality. I will never again discount my ability to be fit. Thank you so much. Your positive outlook is worth diamonds.

Peggy Sloan